CIFAL Newcastle offers the development of industry-specific solutions for organisations and institutions to adapt global SDGs to their operations.

We offer industry-specific step-step-by-step implementation guideline designed to provide a systematic approach to statistical data collection of SDG implementation across all units or divisions within the organisation.

It includes targets and indicators, as well as recommended activities, which can be used by strategists, senior and middle-level managers to develop skills and resources specifically needed to lead staff through the SDGs adaptation in the organisation.

The ability to provide data and report on internationally agreed indicators would allow any organisation or institution to submit reports for national and global reviews. This enhances our stakeholders’ local and international reputation and influence.

More specifically we offer consulting in the following areas:

  • SDGs Mapping
  • Strategy Review and Diagnostics
  • Localising and specialising indicators
  • Data capturing
  • Monitoring progress
  • Review and Reporting
  • DRR
  • Social Impact tracking

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