Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development Responsibility

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The course introduces participants to the concept of international and transformative leadership. It provides theoretical and practical knowledge to strengthen your skills and capabilities.

The course explores the required skills through the concept of Global Citizenship. Participants will learn how to become a more successful leader, improve communication, make better decisions, manage conflict and build a team, and become life-long learners.

The training provides a critical reflection on revolving issues around the globe at local, national, and international levels. The course will encourage students to exchange and embrace different perspectives.


  • Short Course
  • Online
  • 2 hours per Module
  • 5 weeks Duration
  • Self-paced


CIFAL Office

University Drive, Global Engagement & Partnership Division,
Callaghan Campus
NSW 2308, Australia
[email protected]


Course Content

This course enables participants to develop an understanding of Global Citizenship and SDGs as a global framework for action. It elaborates on attributes and competencies of the Global Citizens and leadership responsibilities. The course also examines the role of social entrepreneurship, diversity, inclusiveness and media in dealing with global issues.

The course introduces who and how anyone can become a Global Citizen and contribute to a local and global community. It explores the best practices of civic action and SDGs work across the world.

Topics include:

  • UNITAR and CIFAL Newcastle
  • Who are global citizens and why they are important
  • Attributes of the Global Citizen
  • Competencies of the Global Citizen
  • Human rights for sustainable development
  • Understanding conflict and the process of peaceful resolution
  • Global Citizenship in the context of SDGs implementation
  • Active Global Citizens and their experience
  • Becoming a Global Citizen: tools and strategies
  • Additional recourses and Future learning opportunities

Course Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the definition of a Global Citizen
  2. Recognise the main attributes and competencies of Global Citizens
  3. Understand the role of the Global Citizens in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  4. Understand the peaceful conflict resolution processes
  5. Learn good practices of civic action and global citizenship around the world

Course Materials:

Additional materials will be provided within the course