Industry Work Experience

The Industry Work Experience is specially designed for tailoring professional career development of UoN students from a wide-range of disciplines. Students will form valuable network opportunities and gain competitive advantage in their chosen field of study.

The aim is to increase career prospects and positive experience through training and mentorship by experts and professionals from organisations within Australia and overseas. Students will develop the skills to work in CIFAL Global Network Centres where they will gain multilateral knowledge relevant for international cooperation and collaborative partnerships.

In these elective students will apply theoretical knowledge and concepts obtained during their program to real world practices in local and international context. This will be achieved through experiential learning supported by career guidance.

During these placements, students will be engaged in work with local or international organisations based on their preference to position themselves for a career upon graduation.

Students can apply for placements both locally and internationally under the guidance of the stream leader.

Contact Hours

Students will be provided with 8 hours of pre-internship workshops

What You Will Study

What students will learn:

  1. Theories and concepts on workplace engagement.
  2. Skill-building for international workplace engagement
  3. Workplace communication and work ethics
  4. Theoretical applications for workplace environment problem-solving
  5. Concepts of multicultural intelligence, teamwork and time management


Students at the end of the elective will receive a United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) certificate which will enhance their employability and graduate profile.

This course is worth 10 credit points towards your program at The University of Newcastle. Please check with your Program Conveyner to ensure that this elective fits within your program requirements.