Whole School Initiatives to Increase School Action on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: A Demonstration Project

An opportunity to demonstrate the potential of school action on sustainable development.

Our proposed research will robustly evaluate the effectiveness of a school-wide intervention in increasing school-related actions on sustainable development. We will work with schools on waste management, energy efficiency, water conservation, biodiversity, sustainable school travel and sustainable school purchasing. The research will develop an implementation model that could be translated and adopted across Australian schools for action on sustainable development.

The initiative will reflect the UNESCOs Education for Sustainable Development for 2030 Toolbox by: enhancing learning environments; building sustainable development knowledge and capacity within the school and amongst educators; empowering and mobilizing youth; and supporting and accelerating local level action. The whole school initiative is centered on the formation of a ‘Youth Climate Action Group’ at each school comprised of students and staff.

The Youth Climate Action Group would make informed choices about actions for change based on school-level data, develop strategies to mobilize students, parents, and the community, and identify and develop climate action change education for students, teachers and the wider school community.